Essential Points Related to Building Bye-laws

  1. In the case of residential houses in Saddar or outside, not more than two-third of the total area will be covered on the ground floor or other floors.
  2. In the case of commercial or residential-cum-commercial premises in Saddar or outside, the entire, area will be permitted to be covered on the ground floor, one third of the area on the upper will however be let uncovered.
  3. In the bangalows area, no construction (except the boundary wall) shall be allowed within 10 feet of the nearest building, boundary wall or the road side area.
  4. If the number of rooms in a building exceeds four, the area of one habitable room may be 87 sft;
  5. If the room is used or intended to be used as a sleeping room, it shall have a clear superficial area of 120 sft.
  6. THe minimum width of a habitable room shall be 9ft 4 inches.
  7. Minimum floor areas-Shops - The minimum floor area of a shop shall be 100 sft, with a minimum width of 8 feet.
  8. The height of a basement, vault, cellar, cell or mezzanine shall not be less than 7'-6', measured from floor to ceiling.
  9. The overall height of a building measured from the plinth level to the top of the parapet (but not including any chimney stack, overhead water tank or any architectural features), shall not be more than one and a half time the width of the street on width it is to abut.

Duties of the Building Control Cell are as under: -

  • To check the construction activities within their areas of responsibilities and take required action.
  • To confirm the construction of buildings according to approved building plans.
  • To check the encroachment on CB / Govt land and take required action.
  • To keep vigilant check on unauthorized construction and report in the office if any illegal activity is detected.
S.No Name of Building Checker Area under Supervision Name of Incharges / Survey Draughtsman
1 Ayaz-ur-Rehman

Saddar, Civil Lines, DOHS-I, II, Private area Tando Jehania & Tando Maimahan

Mr. Ghulam Haider