Hyderabad Cantonment was established in 1849. The Cantonment limits were officially declared vide GGO No.119 of 1863. The final limits were however, notified on 31st March, 1899. The existing Cantonment boundaries are based on the Bombay Government Notification No.8658 dated 1st May, 1933. This Cantonment has an area of 2887 acres, excluding unit lines (the land under the active use of army), comprising of the following areas:-

a)         Civil Lines (Bungalows constructed on MEO land owned by lessees and old grantees).

b)         Defence Officers Housing Scheme (Phase I & II).

c)         Saddar Bazar.

d)         Certain areas controlled by the Provincial Government of Sindh.

e)         Agricultural land outside Bazar area and under the management of MEO.

f)          Private lands in five villages inside the Cantonment.

g)         Katchi Abadis namely Latifabad No.12, Katcha Qila, Pathan Colony and GHaribabad.

A large portion of Defence Land occupied un-authorizedly was planned and regularized as (Katchi Abadi) in accordance with Government Policy contained in ML&C Deptt letter NO.30/64/L/AD(A)/ML&C/79 dated 15/05/1979 and No.72/15/Lands/ML&C/86-G dated 19/01/1988.