Cantonment Board Hyderabad maintains wide network of water supply to provide water to the residents of Hyderabad Cantt.

CBH is maintaining 03 underground water tank, 02 overhead water tank, 02 Hydrant and  02 water pumping station.There are  water filtration plants installed in Hyderabad Cantt for provision of pure and hygienic water to the residents of Cantt area. All filtration plants are functional and well maintained. The cartridges are being changed on regular basis after every 03 months.

  • Saddar Area
  • DOHS-I
  • Tando Jahanian
  • Tando Mai man

WASA/HDA 14 MG/Month

Current Population (Approx) 0.10 M (persons)
Water supply served through all sources 80 % of population Saddar,Civil Line,DHOS I & II, Tando Jahanian & Tando Maiman
Water demand 30 Gallons per day per capita
Total daily demand 0.46 MGD
Daily Average Supply 0.46 MGD

Mr Rauf Abbas, Cantonment Overseer (CO) 0300-0258255


List of Hydrants

List of Filtration Plants

S.No Location
1 Gym Khana
2 Cantt General Hospital
3 Near Khurram Plaza, Saddar
4 Eid Gah Park, Hyderabad Cantt
5 Qasim Bus Terminal
6 Bilal Masjid, Civil Lines
7 Near Defence Park, DOHS-I
8 Near Imam Bargah, Tando Jehanian
9 Near water supply pump, DOHS-II
10 Svy No.28, Hyderabad Cantt
11 Near CB Dispensary, Pathan Colony
12 M.M.A Johar Road, Pathan Colony
13 Gharibabad
14 Kumbar Para
15 Near CB Dispensary, Katcha Qilla
16 Near Old Campus
17 Near CB Graveyard
18 Makki Shah Road
19 Near CB Dispensary, Latifabad Unit No.12

List of Underground Water Tanks

S.No Location Capacity
1 Court Road 100,000
2 DOHS-II 100,000
3 Ziauddin Road  50,000

List of Overhead Water Tanks

S.No Location Capacity
1 DHOS II 50,000
2 Ziauddin Road 50,000